1/28/20 11:30am

What great skiing at the EMBK Sprints! We’ll be posting a link to photos when we get one. The skiing was great and the volunteers were terrific – thanks to all! We have preliminary results posted here, there were some timing issues and there is a chance that these preliminary results have some errors. If you see a glitch please let Chris Li know so we can fix them, and thanks in advance for your help (and patience), remember we are an all-volunteer organization.

Technique note: Up until now, North American and Western Europe have been skating. Now that we have had the sprints, we are going to shift to NA and WE doing as much classic as possible. Classic is a wonderful technique and is the historical basis for cross country skiing. A few things to note:

  • Whether we do classic on a given day will depend on conditions, so please check the Web site before every practice.
  • When we do have a classic practice, we will be applying wax on site, with your help and guidance by the wax team. Whether you have combi skis or dedicated classic skis, please make sure to clean off any kick wax for each practice. Please don’t try to guess what the wax will be. We will test and provide a wax call, and typically the kick wax from the previous practice is not the wax for the current practice. A good habit to get into is to remove all the kick wax from your skis either on site when you are done, or when you get home.
  • When we have a classic practice, please try to arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can wax (earlier on Saturdays since it will be more crowded). At least at first, when we have a NA and WE classic practice, Scandinavia will skate to reduce congestion both at the wax tent and on the tracks.

Wed. Jan 29, 6:30-7:30pm.  Full club practice (except not USA). Likely technique is classic for North American and Western Europe, skate for Scandinavia – but check back for final determination.

Thurs. Jan 30, 6:390-7:30pm. Scandinavia practice, technique TBD.

Weather and posting policies.

  • Final info for weeknight practices is posted here by noon the day of practice and by 6pm Friday for Saturday practice. Please check this page before heading to practice.
  • We only cancel practice if there is insufficient snow for skiing or if there is a driving ban. If there is a driving ban that supersedes all posts and even if this page hasn’t been updated, practice is cancelled.
  • Don’t drive to practice if you feel it is unsafe. On nights with bad driving conditions coach coverage might be thin and countries might be combined.