12/6/19 8:00 pm

Sat. 12/7 8:30-10:00: Full club practice – skate! Bring your skis! Practice will be organized by country group. Schedule:

8am  Arrive early to pick up (for pre-registered) or to purchase pass at the front desk.

8:30-10am  All-club practice: Break into country groups for introductory session and instruction followed by games.

For Parents During practice:

8: 45 am   Wax Demo

Our waxing gurus, Sarah Lynch and Chris Li, will demonstrate waxing at the first     two practices. If you are new to skiing or have questions, please stop by. We are seeking volunteers for waxing.  If you’re interested, let us know.

Week 1 –  Glide wax for skate skis

Week  2 – Kick wax and Klister for classic skis

9:15 am   Country Parents and Games Helpers

If you volunteered to be a country parent or help with games, the coordinators (Analesa Smith & Jason Rife)  will have a brief meeting following the wax demo. If you haven’t volunteered, this is a great opportunity to learn more about these roles.

Clothing and Equipment Swap/Sale 

Please bring outgrown clothing and Nordic ski equipment to sell or donate.
SELLERS: Tag/tape EACH item with the following information:  Seller’s full name, cell phone number, asking price, size, (and for skis: approximate weight of skier)
BUYERS: Please bring cash or check

Sun. 12/8 2:30-4:30: FOLJMS Open House, LJM. Come support FOLJMS – this is our ambassador organization to the Commonwealth, the DCR, and politicians.

General comments. We communicate practice plans through this updates page. Information here supersedes all other information including club emails and the calendar/events page, with the exception of emails from country head coaches to skiers in that country only. We post preliminary info for the week’s practices early in the week. Final info for weeknight practices by noon the day of practice and by 6pm Friday for Saturday practice.  As a general policy:

  • we do not cancel practices for weather (Neither snow nor rain nor heat [nor cold] nor gloom of night stays these skiers…);
  • we only cancel practice if there is insufficient snow for skiing or if there is a driving ban. If there is a driving ban that supersedes everything and even if I haven’t been able to update this page, practice is cancelled;
  • if parents feel driving is unsafe they should stay home of course. On nights with bad driving conditions coach coverage might be thin and countries might be combined (usually those are nights of adventure skis in snowstorms);
  • because weather is so changeable here, I might make last-minute changes depending on conditions, so it is wise to check this page before you head out to practice.