Check out the excellent article in the Globe about Wayland High School Skiing, Wax co-head Chris Li, and former EMBK (Switzerland, Austria, Finland) skier Tali Wong!

2/17/20 5:00pm

Vacation week: No formal club practice on Wed 2/19, Th 2/20, Sat 2/22. Have fun skiing with friends and family, either up north or at LJM!

Wed. Feb. 26, 6:30-7:45pm. Relay tag practice followed by pre-festival team meeting, skate technique. Practice for skiers attending the Festival.

  • Inside: parent Festival orientation 6:35 – 7:15
  • Skiers: Relay tag practice 6:30-7:10, then go inside for skier orientation and Q&A 7:15-7:45.
  • Tonight and at the Festival, we organize by grade/sex groups, not country. Grade/gender group coaches will be posted before practice.
  • The wax team will be in the wax tent Wed night for skiers who have race skis and warmup skis. Those skiers should be on their warmup skis for tonight’s practice. The wax team will glide wax skate and classic race skis Wed. night. This service tonight is an “express lane” service which will apply the glide wax only. Prep the race skis at home (clean, paraffin base layer [TBA], scrape, brush). Hot wax will be applied at LJM, you will scrape and brush at home. Skiers with combi skis and skiers who don’t have equipment at home, please come to the waxathon Thursday.
  • How to do a relay tag: Hand to body, here is a video  of relay tag.

Thurs. Feb. 27, 6:30-8:00. Waxathon. No practice – get ready for the Festival! The wax team will be on site actively helping to wax skis for the Festival. Skis must arrive no later than 7pm. Additional waxing details TBA.

Note: additional waxing information in advance of Festival TBA.

Wed March 4: Full club practice (except not USA). Details TBA.

Thurs. March 5: Scandinavia practice and EMBK/CSU Ski-up night. Details TBA.

Sat. March 7, 8:30-10:00 am.  Games day!