Great practices this weekend!

  • Updated 12/23 4pm
  • 12/23 6:30pm: normal practice Sat/Wed group (Western Europe, Ontario, not USA) – skate technique.
  • 12/24 (clarification) LJM is closed Thursday evening 12/24 so no regular practice Thursday evening. Scandinavia will have a family ski 9-10:30am 12/24, unfortunately we do not have enough slots for a full day-B (Sun/Th) club practice. Only 1 car per family please!
  • 12.26-1/3: normal club practice schedule. Normally we don’t hold practices during the holiday week but so many people will be in town! So we will have regular club practices on our usual schedule. Note however that LJM is closed Thursday eve 12/31 so we will not be able to have our regular Thursday evening practice 12/31. We are also trying to get some additional times for club skiing during the holiday week, we’ll let you know here or by club email.