It was great to see you at the EMBK Sprints this weekend.  Sun, smiles and skiing – good times!  Thank you to parents who brought your skiers out for a fun race. Special thanks to all of our parent volunteers who came out to help with the many moving parts on this weekend and extra Covid safety needs. What a community!  We would like to send out a special thanks to Chris Li for his planning, race timing and results, and his team of timers.  Thanks to Jim Stock, our fearless leader, and our dedicated coaches.  Thanks to members of our Covid safety team (and especially to Jonathan Brenner and Erin Lake) for helping make this event safe and fun.  Shout out to all who brought us music, fun commentary, candy and helped us get bibs to and off our kids.  We can’t forget the planning crew for the event – Caitlin, Josh, Kris, Jonathan, Josie, Erica, Jim, Erin, and Chris.  Dee and Leona managed our registration.  Thanks to Josie for her leadership. We are grateful for our crowd and start managers and our doctors who volunteered their time.

Follow the links below to see photos of the day.  Many thanks to Oleg Kovalenko (Saturday’s photos), Dingli Zeng and Chris Taylor (Sunday’s photos).

Oleg’s Photos
Dingli’s Photos
Chris’ Photos

Race results.