We are an all-volunteer club. We highly encourage parents to volunteer each year to coach, organize specific activities or events, or help with club management and operations.

You can help.

The Eastern Mass Bill Koch League is run entirely by parents. Active parent participation ensures a successful season. We ask that all parents find a way to participate, even if in a small way.

We always welcome (and need) new coaches. If you are a parent who is an experienced cross-country skier, or a parent with less experience who is interested in getting on the snow with kids, we have a wide range of skier groups you can work with. If you are interested in coaching this season, please contact Head Coach Jim Stock .

If you have little or no experience cross-country skiing, the club has plenty of volunteer opportunities – from race time-keeping to bringing baked goods to a club event. Time commitment is small but parent involvement is crucial for our program’s success. It is a great way to become involved in the ski community. Have a look at some of the opportunities below and consider where you might fit. Contact Cecile Tucker to learn more.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Webmaster
  • Co-Coordinator for Opening/Closing Dinner (November & April)
  • Setup / cleanup at Opening Dinner (November 18)
  • Setup / cleanup at Closing Dinner & awards (April)
  • EMBK Sprints (date in January) help and support:
    • Pre-race organization (weeks leading up event)
    • Race day help — Course Monitors and Starters
    • Team volunteers — snack table and awards
  • Country Parent Coordinator
  • Country parent — helping organize kids for practice (all season)
  • Coach or assistant coach (all season)
  • Waxing (all season)
  • Posters and signs (November & December)
  • End-of-year gifts coordinator (April)
  • BKL Festival (February) help and support:
  • Scholarship coordinator (November & December)