January 5, 2022

Dear EMXC community, 

We are writing with a brief reminder of EMXC COVID-19 policies, which are particularly relevant in light of the current unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases. We are fortunate to participate in a sport that is exclusively outdoors and with no documented in-club transmission since the beginning of the pandemic.

The following policies apply to all athletes, coaches, and athlete-facing volunteers.

If you have any questions about these policies, please reach out to a member of the EMXC Safety Team.

If you are infected with COVID-19:

Please follow CDC and MA DPH ISOLATION guidance. Please do not attend practice until your isolation period is complete. If you are able to end your isolation period after 5 days, please remember that you must continue to wear a mask during practice for an additional 5 days. We also recommend testing when you come out of isolation on day 5 (either rapid antigen or PCR). You do not need to notify the Safety Team of an infection.

If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19:

Please follow CDC and MA DPH QUARANTINE guidance. Please remember that testing 5 days after exposure is recommended (either rapid antigen or PCR). This is particularly important if your exposure was in your household (significantly higher risk of transmission). You do not need to notify the Safety Team of an exposure.

If you have recovered from infection with COVID-19:

Please call your primary care doctor for clearance before returning to practice. For most athletes and coaches, this will involve only a phone conversation with your provider. If your symptoms were more severe, it may also involve an in-person appointment for additional evaluation. Information about the rationale for clearance to play sports after COVID-19 infection can be found here. EMXC will not be collecting clearance documentation and it is the responsibility of each family to have a clearance discussion with their primary care provider.

The EMXC Safety Team (EMNsafetyliaison@gmail.com)