EMXC Youth sprints is a low-key race organized by the club primarily just for our members. It’s a fun way for kids to try racing in a low-pressure environment doing a very short race (about 1.5 minutes to 4 minutes, age dependent).

Results & Photos

2021 Results

2021 Photos

Oleg’s Photos
Dingli’s Photos
Chris’ Photos

2020 Results

2020 Photos

Dingli Zeng’s photos

Oleg Kovalenko’s photos

2019 Results

2019 Photos

Dingli Zeng’s photos

2018 Results

2018 Photos

Follow the links below to see photos of the day.  Many thanks to Dingli Zeng, Chris Li, and Becky Abeyta for sharing pictures! 

2018 EMBK Sprints (Vol 1)

2018 EMBK Sprints (Vol 2)

2018 EMBK Sprints (Vol 3)