There are two great ways to buy gear for all the skiers in your family: through a local retailer or from other EMBK members.

Several local retailers carry new ski equipment for kids and adults of all sizes. The best fit will be from an in-store appraisal by a trained specialist. You should know your child’s height and weight. Be sure to ask for an EMBK club discount, if available.

Bikeway Source in Bedford is run by an EMBK parent with deep expertise in Nordic skiing and offers a discount to club members. We think it’s got the best selection, and is the best place to go locally for hands-on service.

REI in Framingham carries a larger-than-usual selection of XC gear including Rossignol combi skis in sizes from 117cm-167cm. It also carries some skate skis but waxable classic skis may only be available online.

Farther west, New England Backpacker in Worcester stocks a selection of all the top ski and gear brands, and is known for its terrific service.

Get in on the used equipment swap.

If you find used equipment of the appropriate type, great! Kids’ skis often wear very well because kids are light, unless the bottom is too badly gouged to be refinished. 8-year old skis with refinished bottoms can be just as good as new skis.

To help members find used equipment (skis, boots, poles, and clothing), EMBK maintains this spreadsheet and encourages swap sessions during early season practices. If you have gear to sell or swap, enter your information in the spreadsheet. For skis, include type (skate, classic, combi), length and approximate weight of skier. For boots, include size and binding type. For poles, include length. Club members needing equipment should contact those listed in the spreadsheet to express interest or ask questions. For the swap sessions, people should bring the gear labeled with masking tape with their name, phone number, and the additional information.