Clothing for cross-country skiing allows for skiers to stay comfortably warm but not overheat. This is an aerobic sport and layering is the key!

Here are the basics you will need:

  • Wool or synthetic socks
  • Lycra tights or cross country ski pants. Tights provide greater freedom of movement and are the best choice for racing. In cold weather, a pair of wind pants can be worn over the tights. Cross country ski pants are another suitable option.
  • Synthetic top covered by fleece and/or a lightweight jacket (like our club jacket)
  • Flexible XC gloves. Avoid mittens as they limit movement
  • A neck warmer. One that can be pulled up over the mouth for cold conditions.
  • A hat. Team hats and buffs in our team pattern are available at a reasonable rate. Contact the clothing coordinator for more information.
  • Protective eyewear. Cross country skiing is a safe sport, but when every child on the snow has two sticks with sharp ends there is the potential risk of a serious eye injury. For this reason, we require that all skiers wear protective eyewear while racing and we strongly encourage protective eyewear for all practices. During daytime practices these can be a sturdy pair of sports sunglasses; during nighttime practices this can be a pair of clear sports glasses. Prescription eyeglasses are OK, and safety glasses from any hardware store are also adequate.
  • Notes: For older skiers, ski parka that keeps kids warm while waiting for the school bus will overheat them while Nordic skiing. Layers are the key. will be less active and will need warmer clothes such as snow pants.

Club clothing options:

EMBK has team tights and jackets available, and we also offer team ordering of Swix clothing. More information on these options will be available at the opening dinner. Remember to look at the clothing page of the used equipment list as you might find just the item you need.