Thoughtful care of your gear off the snow will have a real impact in your performance on the snow.

Proper off-season storage of your ski gear is important.

Skis should be cleaned and coated with a layer of glide wax to protect them for the summer. The snow at Leo J. Martin is often especially dirty at the end of the season, so a clean up of the glide zones will help get the dirt off your ski bases. If they are muddy, wipe down with a damp cloth and let the skis dry.

  • Clean the kick wax off the kick zone using some combination of heat gun, scraping, and either goo-gone or solvent wax remover (eg Toko or Swix).
  • For Skate and combi skis, and glide zones of classic skis: once they are dry, brush the ski bases well with a copper or brass brush to try to remove any dirt from the ski base. Then wax with a generous coating of glide wax – a warm wax is good for this (CH8 or CH10, Toko red or yellow). Allow to cool but do not scrape – the layer of wax will protect the ski base during the summer.

Find a place that will have minimal temperature changes over the summer if possible. A basement is better than an attic. Try to leave the skis so their natural shape is not changed. Place the ski ties where the skis touch and don’t pull them toward the middle of the ski where they will tend to crush the camber.