For many – but not all – of our skiers, skiing means doing some racing. Our view is that racing is great if it’s what the child wants, but if not, that’s okay too.

Many of our skiers go through the year without participating in a single race. Our experience is that some of our younger skiers enjoy skiing but not racing, then develop a desire to race as they mature. Especially at the youngest ages, racing can place too much emphasis on working hard and not enough on skiing well. Our perspective is a longer term one: We provide strong technical skills and instruction to our skiers when they are young and learning is easiest. If they later choose to race, they are prepared to. Many of our skiers go on to race with their high school teams, and some compete at the regional and national level with our junior club partner, Cambridge Sports Union (CSU).

We encourage those skiers who want to try racing to attend the EMBK Sprints (usually in January) and the Bill Koch Festival (usually at the end of February or beginning of March). For those who want to travel further afield, the Silver Fox Trot in Hanover, NH, is usually a fun race and well supported by our club. You will see dates of these races, once they are known, on our calendar. As the details of each race are shared by their organizers, we update this website with relevant information.