All of our club skiers, coaches and assistant coaches are members of NENSA (New England Nordic Ski Association).  This allows the club to purchase its insurance coverage through NENSA and allows skiers to join in NENSA sponsored races — like the BKL festival.

This year, we will ask you to enter your kids’ NENSA numbers (a.k.a. NENSA License) during registration.  Please take the following steps so that everyone has a NENSA membership before registering for EMBK:

  1. First, access the NENSA website and register for or renew your child’s membership.  If you are new to NENSA, please use the New Member Registration link.  If you are renewing an existing membership, please use their Renewal link.
  2. After you register with NENSA, you will receive a confirmation email.  Take note of the member number (license) so that you can enter it during the EMBK registration process.  The number will either be in the confirmation email, or available through the link in the email (depending on whether you are a new or renewing member).
  3. After you have the NENSA member number, you must then register with EMBK.  Please access our registration system at EMBK Registration.
  4. Don’t forget that you will also need to purchase or rent equipment for the season and purchase ski passes for the Leo J. Martin Ski Track (season passes available soon through the DCR website or on site on the first day of club skiing).

The overall cost of registration (NENSA + EMBK) remains the same this year.  First, a $25 payment to NENSA (youth rate) and then a $50-$75 payment (depending on age) to EMBK.

Please note that registration closes on December 4th at 6pm.